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Popular Brands of Road Bikes Tour de France Riders Use

Posted by on Nov 16, 2016

Popular Brands of Road Bikes Tour de France Riders Use

There are normally about 20 teams which compete at the Tour de France. The teams customarily comprise of professional continental teams and WorldTour outfits. In addition, each team uses different bikes and equipment. You will typically find the following popular road bikes during the Tour de France:

Focus’ Izalco Max

This bike is manufactured by Focus and comes as the Izalco Max standard model. It has Zipp wheels and is the lightest bike from the German company. It is a great choice for racing that is simple and only comprises of one frameset unlike others with three. These bikes further do not have wires

Specialised Tarmac

This bike uses Corima wheels and has a unique paint job. The Tarmac was updated in 2014 to make it lighter and size-specific. It is built with nice frames but the parts remain the same just like the 2014 model. It uses Campagnolo Super Record EPS drivetrains and Campagnolo Super Record EPS drivetrains.

BMC’s TeamMachine SLR01

The BMC bike is a 2015 model. It is a revision of the 2014 model but did not change the equipment or bike. It is the same TeamMachine SLR01 that tackles mountains and general stage duties. It has the aero advantage and uses Shimano Dura-Ace Di2 group-sets, 3T finishing kit and SRM Power Meters.

Argon 18’s Shimano Dura-Ace Di2 /FSA

This bike is a product of the Canadian company Argon 18. It uses Vision wheels and is a recent entrant into the Tour de France. Argon 18 has operated for a number of years and has a wide range of bikes. This bike further resembles the aero features of the E-118 time trial bike. It also has a light frame.


Look’s Shimano Dura-Ace Di2

This bike uses American Classic wheels. It is a new model in the Look’s bike range. It is an aero road bike that has fork blades and a NACA air-foil profiles on the main frame tubes. Its cables are tacked inside. There are also two versions of this bike.

Cannondale’s Shimano Dura-Ace Di2 / FSA

This Cannondale bike uses Mavic wheels and is an inventive bike. It picks some of the features of the original SuperSix Evo. It has noticeable changes such as being lightweight, comfortable and stiff. It uses Cannondale SiSL2 chain-sets and FSA chain-rings, and equally makes use of SRM Power Meters. Its wheels have different widths for different conditions.

Orbea’s Shimano Dura-Ace Di2 / FSA

This bike has amazing Vision wheels. It is the latest in a long line of Orcas that have altered great details in the decade. It uses the stems, seat-posts and handlebars from FSA.

Specialized Shimano Dura-Ace Di2

You will find Roval wheels in this make. It has some heavyweights coming up and a range of bikes to choose from. It is a redesign of the first Venge which has existed since 2011. It has new tube profiles that have integrated stem and hides cables internally.

Colnago’s Campagnolo Super Record EPS

Besides it nice Campagnolo Bora wheels, this bike is an aero road bikes that uses truncated Naca air-foil tube shapes. It also has a rear brake mounted to the chain-stay. Furthermore, it is an all-round bike with painted white lugs.

Lapierre’s Shimano Dura-Ace Di2

Its Shimano wheels will impress you. It is an improvement of its previous version with notable changes. It is light and has frames that make it comfortable. It also has a lower centre of gravity. Moreover, the tubes at the top of the frame are slender, and it has an attractive seat.






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Travel To The UK With Less Money

Posted by on Oct 26, 2016

Travel To The UK With Less Money

People usually ask me about the places I have traveled to when they hear that I have visited so many places around the world, they are stupefied. The majority of people you see believe that you have to have a tremendous amount of money to be able to travel around the world. More importantly, people would like to visit English-speaking countries such as the UK, but they are convinced that this experience would be rather costly, so they put it off. This is why I have decided to write more about travel the UK with a stingy budget to encourage anyone would like to go to the UK to do that.


Why the UK Is The Place To Visit?

For me at least I would say that the UK is not just a place to visit it is the place to visit. The reason why I think this is so is because of work than just one reason, and I am more than glad to share my reasons with you here.


Long History

First of all, UK looks really have a long history which you can explore in various museums you can visit and various things you can do all around the UK. Also, even if you do not know anything about the Q3 you will also learn a lot by beautiful country and spending more time in it.

Great Culture

The UK also has their unique culture which is not significantly different but still it is something which you can explore. If you want to open up your horizons if you want to share with people and if you want to become practice your acceptance of people, I would suggest that you travel a lot.

World Heritage

In the UK you can find out more about world history as well because in their museums there are people of history from around the world. So, if you would like to learn more about not just about the history and culture of the UK but also the history and culture of the entire world visiting the UK and more particularly visiting London is more than recommendable.

Why Is UK So Expensive?

For some this experience may sound too costly but when you think about this UK is not that expensive. You just have to plan your travel so that you can spend less money. These are some of the things which could help you spend less money while visiting the UK.

How Can I Spend Less?

Choose A B&B Over A Hotel

So, if you are looking at hotels, you will be spending more money than if you work the stay at a B&B in London. B&Bs are usually affordable even though they cannot think of that same commodity, but it will be good enough for your stay.

Save Money On Transportation Expenses

Another very important thing is to try and save as much money and you can rely on transportation expenses so that you could have more money to spend and stretch that pound.

Skip Eating In Restaurants

If you to eat in restaurants every night, forget about it! You need to save as much money as you can, and this means you will have to limit yourself to eating street food rather than dining in fancy restaurants.

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