The Ian Dury Musical Bench in Richmond Park


As you walk through many parks in the country you’ll often come across park benches with a little plaque saying “In memory of [someone]“. However in Poet’s Corner of Richmond Park there’s a slightly different concept – the solar powered musical bench tribute to Ian Dury.

The main difference here is that instead of just being a bench with a plaque, this bench allows the visitor to plug their headphones in and listen to 8 of Ian Dury’s songs plus an interview with the singer & artist himself.

For those who are trying to remember him – if you’ve ever heard songs like “Hit me with your rhythm stick” or “Reasons to be cheerful” then that’s Ian Dury.

What’s less well known is that Ian an active campaigner for Unicef “eradicate polio” scheme, as well as various other charities. He was diagnosed with cancer in 1996 and died in March 2000. This and 12 other musical benches were erected in 2001.

So if you fancy a slightly different outlook on life and some relaxation time in London, why not pop over and plug yourself into the Ian Dury musical bench, although it probably works best when it’s not raining.

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