New Concorde attraction planned for London


Concorde may not fly again, but it’s hoped one of the iconic planes will form the centre piece of an attraction in central London by January 2012.

After British Airways permanently grounded the entire fleet of Concorde planes, several have been sitting around in Hangers including “Alpha Bravo” which last flew on August 15th 2000.

Now a company called Concorde Club is hoping to build a permanent exhibition on a jetty in the Thames between the London Eye and the Hungerford Bridge in London, with the Concorde plane sitting on top of the exhibition space.

The plan is for visitors to be able to tour the Concorde and then get more background information on the fleet in the exhibition space below the plane. Presumably there will also be an exhibition shop too.

This image is an artists impression of what the finished exhibition may look like:

The group need to raise around £20 million to buy the plane and build the attraction, but sources from the corporate investment company, which seems to be connected with former pilots, are confident they will be able to raise the money and get the necessary permissions.

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