High flying menus onboard DC-6 plane at Coventry Airport


Diners around Coventry, just south of Birmingham, can now enjoy the delights of a la carte menus onboard a DC-6 plane but without a passport in sight.

The DC-6 which helped revolutionised transatlantic air travel before the days of jet engines and brought in what many regard as the golden age of flying along with the famous DC-10, is now permanently based at Coventry Airport having finally stopped flying just 3 years ago.

Now the aircraft has been converted into a classy restaurant serving an a la carte menu such as Bomber T-bone steak, Vampire gammon, 8oz Rapide steak or even a Meteor marinade fillet.

Although perhaps a little cramped inside compared to your average restaurant, the aircraft does have a certain style like no other and includes an onboard cocktail bar. There are many little touches such as requesting a waiter by pressing the button above the seat.

For those seeking a little nostagia, this has to be a great way to bring back the past. Going by the initial reviews, the food is up to spec too. The aircraft is one of 30 at the Airbase Museum based at the airport.

More information on the Airbase DC-6 web site.

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  1. Anna says:

    What a great idea but very little thought and effort seems to have gone into this venture. Its clear from the reviews your getting, that the food is not good. We were interested but have been put off. Getting the food right is one thing but the whole thing lacks imagination. Have your waiters and waitresses in uniform for a start, so you feel your on a flight. Give people a boarding ticket with their table number on maybe at the door etc. etc. I would love to project manage the idea and it would be a sensation thats talked about.

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