Fare-dodging on UK trains – what’s your view?


An investigation is underway after a youth attempting to travel without a ticket was – almost quite literally – thrown off a  train by another passenger at Linlithgow Station. It was the Edinburgh to Perth Scotrail train and the youth in question was refusing to disembark despite not having a ticket, using some rather choice vocabulary despite young children being present and generally being antisocial. In situations like this, the train would usually be delayed until police arrived to take the individual off the train, but one disgruntled passenger wasn’t prepared to wait for all of that and helped to physically remove the passenger, to the applause of other passengers.  The incident happened last Friday and can be viewed here:

It’s been viewed more than half a million times already but that will no doubt escalate now that BBC and Sky News have covered it.

Anyway, what’s your take on it all? There’s rumour that the passenger who went to the aid of the conductor could face prosecution for taking the matter into his own hands? Is this unfair or should we all have a zero tolerance to individuals who have such little regard for the system and other passengers? Comments, please!

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  1. Trev says:

    Too many precedents now on the “take matters into your own hands” thing for them to even attempting a prosecution I’d imagine and way too much public support for this guy.

    Actually probably easier for him to remove the idiot than the conductor and with the video evidence there’s proof of proportional restraint being used.

    Pretty sure “resisting citizens arrest” could have also been used as a reason if things had gotten a little more violent.

    Good on him!

  2. will knight says:

    its about time the law supported everyday people stepping in to stop yob culture in its tracks, why should a train load of people be inconvenienced because of one foul mouthed youth who hasnt got a valid ticket?

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