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Sky Rides Local in the Lake District [Source: CumbriaTourism]

Free guided Lake District bike rides – Sky Ride Local

The Sky Ride Local scheme has finally come to the Lake District, offering FREE guided cycling tours of the national park for all abilities throughout the Summer months. TV presenter Helen Skelton, who is originally from Kirkby Thore im Cumbria and now best known from the BBC’s Blue Peter programme, launched the new Sky Ride [...]

London Underground fare chart from 1886 (c) London Transport Museum

London Underground’s greatest poster campaigns

In the past 150 years since the first trains ran, London Underground have been busy either trying to convince people to use the London Tube, giving event details and even information on how great it’ll be once all the upgrades are done…whenever that is. For the first time, the London Transport Museum has collected many [...]

Glenfinnan Viaduct on the West Highland Line [Source: Wikipedia]

Scotland first with “View from the train” app

In one of those “why didn’t I think of that” moments, we learned of a useful new smartphone app called “View from the train” which gives passengers information about the landmarks they pass. The app was launched by Scottish Natural Heritage and only currently works on some Scottish routes as you might expect, but given [...]

London Underground - Mysterious open door button [Source: Wikipedia]

Why do London Tube trains have buttons that never work…?

London Underground has many mysteries but one of the biggest especially for regulars is why London Underground trains have open / close buttons on their doors? It might sound a daft question to anyone who’s not travelled the Tube much, but what’s perplexing is that the buttons have absolutely no effect…nothing…zilch…zippo effect on when the [...]

Dutch Roundabout tests by TFL

Can Dutch Roundabouts make the UK’s roads safer?

We Brits tend to think of the humble roundabout as a staple part of our roads, but soon we could be importing a new style from the Netherlands which should make the roundabout much safer for cyclists. The Netherlands is famous for its tolerance of the cyclist with an almost fanatical requirement for cities to [...]

Free parking in London – there’s an app for that

Free parking in London – there’s an app for that

Residents and regular visitors to London will know the hassles of finding the mysterious and somewhat haphazard “free parking” areas in London, but a new smartphone app aims to find all those hidden free parking zones. Parking in London just like most cities can be a little expensive sometimes, with figures we’ve seen for the [...]

Thames Barrier in London [Source: Wikipedia]

Happy 29th birthday to the Thames Barrier

Today is the official birthday of the iconic Thames Barrier which was opened by Queen Elizabeth on the 8th May 1984, although the barrier was generally considered complete two years earlier. Using a very simple design originally developed in 1954 on a coffee table, with massive hydraulic pumps, the barrier is located close to the [...]

The Ariel Atom on a track [Source: Wikipedia]

Ferrari, Porsche or Aston Martin – Take your pick with track days around the UK

We might not all be Rod Stewart or Jamiroquai, but even us mere mortals can take to the tracks with some of the worlds fastest sports cars at various UK track days…even if we do have to give them back at the end of the day. Most of us drive around in something a little [...]

First Great Western train not announced [source: Wikipedia]

Are “tosh” announcements part of our railway culture?

Anyone who’s travelled the rail networks of Britain knows the problems of train announcements, especially how hard they are to understand but First Great Western planning to cut them by 40%, are they taking a little bit of the railway culture too? I for one have never been able to understand much of what was [...]

View from Emirates Air Line Cable Car in London [Source: Wikipedia]

One day we’ll travel across London by cable car…

Somewhere in the minds of futurists and it seems Boris Johnson, commuters in London will fly around London in cable cars avoiding the traffic jams below…just it seems not in 2013. “They” told us in the 1960s that we’d all have flying cars by now, but cable cars whisking us across the city of London [...]

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