Top 20 places to visit in Britain by Tripadvisor


Possibly slightly unsurprisingly, London has topped a poll of the top 20 places to visit in the UK, but there were a few surprises.

London being top of the poll would be expected especially as the Olympics are less than 18 months away when all eyes will be on a few destinations, even if London is the only one most people outside the UK can remember.

Edinburgh came in second which again is not too much of a surprise as this city is very popular especially with American tourists, and Bath being number three could be both UK and overseas visitors, as this has been a stopping place long before London was more than a little hamlet.

There are a few destinations which are either very well down the list or even completely missing which traditionally would be thought of as very popular destinations.

The only entry for the Lake District was Windermere down in 18th place which considering this is normally second only to London in terms of visitor numbers, might suggest that either Brits or those from abroad are changing their visiting habbits to newer destinations.

The entire west country only appears once too with a mention of St. Ives in 16th.

Inverness made a very respectable and at least in my opinion, a well deserved placement of 8th. St. Andrews came in 9th which might be heavily influenced by where William and Kate first met.

The full list is replicated below:

1. London
2. Edinburgh
3. Bath
4. Cambridge
5. Oxford
6. Stratford-upon-Avon
7. York
8. Inverness
9. St Andrews, Scotland
10. Liverpool
11. Glasgow
12. Brighton
13. Belfast
14. Canterbury
15. Manchester
16. St Ives, Cornwall
17. Cardiff
18. Windermere, Cumbria
19. Newcastle upon Tyne
20. Aberdeen

As a sidenote, London also managed to get into the “Top Destinations of Europe” with a very respectable 3rd after Paris and Rome.

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