[Video] The Queen gets funky with royal flashmob


Possibly inspired by the brilliant T-mobile Royal Wedding flashmob, Buckingham Palace organised their own flashmob right outside the palace.

There’s no word on whether the Queen or indeed any members of the royal family were watching from the windows, but tourists waiting for the changing of the guards were treated to a flashmob by Royal appointment courtesy of the palace.

This time however, it wasn’t royal look-a-likes, but dancers from the University of East London who emerged from the crowds in greater and greater numbers to perform various dance styles such as “waacking, house, locking and commercial”….what happened to the Foxtrot?

The only clue that anything might happen was the cameras around the palace, but many just assumed they were there to film either the changing of the guards or another royal visitation.

This flashmob was secretly planned by the palace to mark tonight’s royal reception which will honour young people in the performing arts to be hosted by The Queen and Duke of Edinburgh.

Perhaps finally we might see a royal version of the T-mobile ads? Well, perhaps not, but it seems the palace has finally realised it can be a little funky and still remain dignified.

Flashmob by Royal Appointment:

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