Finally – genuine treehouse accommodation in Britain


Recently we reported on a couple of treehouse accommodation options in Sherwood Forest and Somerset, but this B&B might be able to out-class them all.

One critisism I had about both the Centre Parcs treehouses and “The Treehouse” near Taunton in Somerset was the slightly bland nature of the interiors which doesn’t entirely give the impression of being “at one with nature”.

We then discovered the Tree House at Castle Cottage which is an annexe of the Castle Cottage B&B and really is a house built very much around a tree.

Situated on the edge of a woodland and above a pond, the treehouse at Castle Cottage is literally built amongst the branches of a huge sweet chestnut tree with the thick branches emerging through the bedroom floor (see photo), as if embracing the accommodation as a natural part of the forest.

This is not to say the interiors are in any way skimpy with wicker chairs and nice painted wood panelled walls, alongside double glazed windows. There are some really nice in-theme touches too like the shelf made from a piece of roughly sawn timber. There are even swing seats on the balcony.

The treehouse here simply looks as if it grew up with the trees which surround it, and even embrace the very structure so it would look just as at home in the Amazon as West Sussex where it really is.

More information and pictures on the Treehouse at Castle Cottage web site.

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  1. [...] The Tree House at Castle Cottage has to be my personal favourite when we discovered it earlier this year. Built around and almost becoming one with the tree, this is what we would all have built as kids….if we’d had our dad’s credit card and free reign of the local Wicks DIY store. Possibly the ultimate in forest living, especially when you look at the surrounding pond and tree location. (See picture above for interior). [...]

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